Varenr. HH10200

OneStep AbrasivPlus EEG-Gel (120 g/tube).

The innovative OneStep EEG-Gel® combines the typical two step approach of skin preparation and conductivity gel application into a single step. Besides the convenience of a one step process, the optimal conductivity to the electrodes is achieved using the OneStep EEG-Gel®.

Because it is a viscous gel, OneStep EEG-Gel® can be selectively applied to any skin surface and still provide optimal results. This includes testing done at very low measurement resistance (ie from 2-5 kohm) proven in numerous applications.

OneStep EEG-Gel® is produced according to pharmaceutical GMP conditions.

Due to these excellent physical properties, OneStep EEG Gel® is applicable for routine EEGs, long time EEGs (LTM), evoked potentials and nerve stimulations.

OneStep EEG Gel® has a shelf life of 36 months.