Varenr. MXT3034

Disposable ECG / EKG Tab Electrode, Conductive adhesive 30 x 34mm, (bag of 100 pcs.) (old part no. P3034)

The PRO-NEO Neonatal Electrodes are 22mm*22mm in square and consist of a conductive adhesive hydrogel, a Ag/AgCl plated sensor element a non-woven substrate And a 60cm flexible tinned copper or carbon leadwire termminating in a standard DIN connector (AAMI color coding) Advantages: Designed for connecting outside the incubator. Pregelled, AAMI color coding of security plug (black, red, white, green)-Easy use Hypoallergenic gel adapted to sensitive skin – Security Wire flexibility allowing movements – Comfort A very low impedance Ag/AgCl Sensor- Noise free trace Backing is breathable, comfortable, strechable, and gentle to the skin for excellent patient comfort. Provide a cost-effective. Technical Specifications: Application: Neonatal, Pediatric Usage : Disposable Sensor: Low impedance materials (Ag/AgCl plated sensor) Leadwire materials: Tined copper wire Leadwire length: 60cm